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I noticed the post about the front window leak on the [email protected] 400.  The problem is not isolated to the 400's.  My 2017 [email protected] OutBack leaks at the front window anytime I drive in the rain.  Yesterday took a short trip up to Lake Winnebago and went through some light rain for a short time.  The counter area was wet from that.  I had called my dealer last year about it and he said to bring it in and maybe they can tighten the front window.  Not had time to do that and that is not a solution in my estimation.  Sounds like they don't know what the problem is or how to fix it as I don't need them to do it, simply tell me what the solution is. 
I find it hard to believe that there aren't other [email protected] owners experiencing this problem as well.  I bought my RV new two years ago and it started leaking the first year.  Anyone else with a 320 have experience with this and/or a solution?
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    Mine has been that way from almost day one.  I tightened it up myself and it didn't really help, so I try not to drive in the rain, especially hard rain.  Sealing around the edges didn't help either. It's fine at a campsite with hard rain unless it's a strong storm with high winds...  but 60mph winds just drive the water into the camper.  No mold inside the front cabinets yet, so it's not that big a worry.  One of these days I'll try a different rubber seal all the way around, and maybe replace the top attachment point with a piano hinge instead of the stock plastic relatively loose hinge mechanism.
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    I'd contact NuCamp's customer service direct.   They've never failed me.
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