Deep Cycle Group 27 Battery Installed Without Modifications

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I am leaving for Cape Hatteras Island off the east coast of North Carolina for some kitesurfing for a couple of weeks and the campgrounds there are very expensive except for the National Parks, which I can camp at for $10 a night, but no electricity available at the one I am going to.
My 2017 [email protected] Outback came with an Interstate 24M-DP which is rated at 64 Ah.   I have gone about 5 days on that without a solar panel or generator, but wanted more, so today I picked up a nice 100 Ah AGM battery which is a Group 27, for $226.
Bought a Group 27 Attwood battery box from [email protected] dealer Jerry's Camping in Madison, Wisconsin, removed the standard Group 24 box and mounted the new one in the same way.  It was tight but works and was able to install the top on the battery case.  No mods needed and I have a lot more capacity. The only thing that I did was to drill two holes in the base of the box (tub) and battery case and install two 3/4" long 1/4-20 bolts to hold the case in place. The whole change over took me 70 minutes.
No trips to factory or dealership for modifications to reposition propane cylinder or fitting of bigger boxes, and able to maintain the full size 20# cylinder.  Also, though not as high a capacity as the 6 volt dual battery options, it is only 21 pounds more weight than previous setup.
I am taking my 32 watt solar panel to charge it.  It is my understanding that the AGM batteries charge faster with solar as compared to the standard battery as well.  A lot of open area where I will be camping so should get plenty of sun for that.

This is the completed installation with the Group 27 battery in case. 
There is still plenty of room in the front box for a few things like the drain hose.
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