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  • Tardisman
    In my original posts I provided a link to the supplier I used. Here it is
    i got the shower valve from a supplier in the UK. Having lived over seas for a number of years I knew most bath valves are external to the wall. In the US these are not common.  The supplier did not ship outside the UK, but I was able to talk them into it by pre-paying the shipping. The valve was about $50 but the shipping was $150! 

    As as for the quality, it works Ok but not as smooth in operation as I expected. We have been using it for 3 years and it's still going. There are a few like this in the US, but they are expensive.

    You might want to look at Marine suppliers. The sink in the TAB was worthless and pretty easy to take out. I filled the screw holes with a similar color caulk to the wall. To patch the old drain and water line holes I used a 1/8" thick piece of plastic from a guitar supplier (used on the front of guitars). I cut it to fit over the holes and used silicon sealer to stick it to the wall. 

    Hope this helps. 

    July 20
    • KarenK
      This is very helpful! Thanks so much for you comprehensive response. I hope to do this in the fall - so you may hear more from me :)
    • KarenK
      This may seem a dumb question, since I haven't totally looked into this yet... but why didn't you install this controller at the bottom where you added the piece of plastic?