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  • Trailhead Parking: I bought my [email protected] 320 s to serve both for travel and to serve as a base camp\starting point for wilderness backpacking. That means I'll be leaving both the [email protected] and TV at remote trail heads unattended for extended periods 3-14 days I'd say. What's the likelihood they won't be there when I get back? They'll have a coupler and latch lock and, considering wheel locks or chains. But still....
    August 15
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      Please start a new discussion to get a reply. Not all members monitor this area. Best to address to someone if you pist to this area.
    • dCliffhanger
      Oh.... I'll try to figure that out. I figured this was the logical place. Thank you for pointing that, as is often the case, I am in Neverland.
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      I see you figured it out! The big Activity message box from the phone view just screams “Post here”!
    • dCliffhanger
      Actually not. I just went to the bottom of the Discussions and found New Discussions and tried there... and presto is showed up in the list. I've never used my phone for following these discussions. I sooo much prefer a full keyboard and a great big screen.
  • tteam
    Hi, I bought a 2020 Boondock Lite from Jerry's In June.  I tow with a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with trailer tow and v6 engine.  I am wondering what type of gas mileage you have gotten.
    I live in McFarland.  
    I had several conversations while looking at camper’s at Jerry’s and noted we camp off grid since we always tent camped, and they never mentioned the firefly battery you pointed out.  

    July 28
    • dCliffhanger
      I picked up my [email protected] mid-June. I had a travel window planned for May but it didn't get built until afterwards. So, I have taken only one 400 mile trip Up North with my 2019 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk with, I think, the same V6. Traveling mostly between 60-65 mph, I got about 14 mpg going North and about 13 mpg coming back. Without towing I've been getting about 20mpg this summer. What have you been getting? Staff at Jerry's have been great. Dave kinda casually mentioned the carbon battery as we walked by his charging station as I had been inquiring about maxing power storage. He had me lift one and mentioned that they were really heavy and expensive. Well, I followed up at home on researching the Firefly and decided they were worth it. Tolerance to deep draw downs and cold made sense for how I anticipate using my [email protected] Anyway, when I ordered my unit I requested one and he said it takes a special trip to Illinois to get them as they are expensive and scarce. He also said that he put one in his unit. It barely fits in the tub, literally wedged in. In all my visits to Jerry's I'll bet I saw yours. I've always been a wilderness backpacker. Now that I've retired, I figure this will give me more mobility to be on the road for longer and will become my new trailhead basecamp. I've curled for years in McFarland.