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  • Sharon_is_SAM
    I found the PM.

    Here is a simple diagram showing how 6v batteries in series are connected to yield 12 volts.  Then for charging purposes, you connect the positive lead of the charger to the same positive terminal on the battery that is part of the RV circuit, then connect the negative charger lead to the same negative terminal on the battery that is the ground side of the RV circuit.

    I did not say this before, but you need a 12 v charger - not a 6 volt charger.  There are many good brands besides Deltran.  Nocco is also popular.  Our charger specifically says to not run a load from the battery while charging - that is why we isolate the battery with the switch.  I think if the battery is under load, the constant voltage fluctuation will alter the smart chargers work and interrupt the charging cycle.  It is also helpful to read your battery literature and see the recommended charging parameters.

    August 30
  • Sharon_is_SAM
    From the looks of your charge controller, your panels are not wired up to the controller.
    August 17
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      Or, do the red and white wires from the left attach out of view?
    • fnova5
      Sorry, yes the red and white wires must be out of view. I did confirm the red and white are wired into the solar panel input of the HP controller. At first I thought the red and white must be coming from the battery, but when I traced the wires from the battery input of the HP controller, they in fact did go to the battery. It was a bit unconventional to see the red wire coming from the battery into a green wire with a pig tail that then went into the HP controller. Hope that made sense.
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      I understand. Yes, unconventional, but they wire ALL the battery harnesses that way. I think they got a good deal on those green fuse holders😀