For Sale: 2018 [email protected] 400 located outside of Tallahassee, FL - $21,500

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I am selling my [email protected] 400 due to lack of quality time to spend with it. I have enjoyed several trips in it before Hurricane Michael devastated my favorite close-by camping sites which left me fewer options for short distance camping adventures. Some of those sites have since opened back up but it will never be the same without the trees. Since owning it I have replaced the HDMI cable (you can read about that experience from a post I did on this forum) and replaced a defective front window shade. This camper is owned by a non-smoking, non-pet owning couple. I have always kept a cover on the camper during down time and have washed the outside along with a thorough cleaning of the inside after each use. Included with the camper - if you would like the additional equipment - will be a Clam Quick Set Pavilion (see picture), a Camp Chef propane stove and oven with hose adapter for larger propane tank (also pictured), several camp tables, battery latern, cooking utensils, battery powered drill with adapter for the stabilizers, a Swift Hitch backup camera (found to be invaluable for hitching), Rhino 15 ft. sewer hose, and various slightly worn camping chairs. You can choose to take all or none of the extras with purchase. Oh yes, almost forgot: you can also take the Flowjet macerator pump with 20 ft. of hose that allows you to empty your tanks in your own sewer cleanout at home. I have found it to be especially invaluable in cleaning your tanks after a boondock adventure.

If interested, please contact me at: [email protected] Price and location are in the discussion title. I will be happy to answer questions or send additional pictures if needed.

North Florida [email protected] 400 towed by a 2014 Nissan Frontier
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