Finally received our 2021 320 CS and got to take it out for a "burn in" at lovely San Elijo Beach campground, Calif.  It is such a fantastic camper and we love the CS kitchen so much!  Since we are shorter people (husband 5'8" and wife 5'4") we had zero issues with the comfy inside bed.  We used the Coleman Queen size light sleeping bag and was perfect with a thin topper over cushions.

    What was also great is all the cabinet space gained inside and coffee counter above.  We made right side cabinets our his & her "closet" with color coded pack cubes, and left cab with plugs our sundries/coffee pots etc. Phone charger counter too. Arranged things in all the other interior cubbies and set out, then of course rearranged much  in camp since it becomes MUCH more evident in practice! LOL. 
---We dry camped first time out ( a bit challenging for newbies) but at the next place we have hook ups to try out the cool features like fan. However, we got to use our stainless French Press coffee maker and liked it very much. 
 --Loved the cassette toilet!  So easy to roll out and dump at end, did not even fill up much at all since hardly any water is needed to flush.  Used Happy Camper 1 scoop in 1 gal prep water kept it AMAZINGLY odor free entire time.
---Loved our camp set up so we posted a picture here to see.  Side tent is highly recommended!! (The dog thinks he's contained in a "house" which is merely screen walls)  We searched forever and found this on Amazon -also is at Walmart- and it lines up perfect for the TAB side door. We left a walkway to galley. Pops up in one piece in 5 min!! That is the very best part, Then you just set 4 pegs and is very sturdy and well made. Ozark Trail Instant Screenhouse 10 Ft X 10 Ft Model 30008: Sports & Outdoors
--Brought a med size cooler as an overfow, to divide tall beverages etc, from the small fridge that held meats,cheeses etc,. All else in galley is extremely spacious. Set fridge at 4 and it kept all perishables at 37 degrees.  Ran 2 days then began to drain battery more than we liked, so next dry camp we will definitely have solar suitcase.  We can set the small panel in sun, plug it into the solar ready port and we will be basically self contained then!
--We used our microwave as a cupboard for collapsible bowls, small pots and will do micro baked potatoes next time out. There is a lot of space at base of kitchen cabs (width of galley) that we found perfect for narrow plastic bins to set there, and then pull out onto counter at camp. (like an array of spices) We loved our 4' side table with dishwash/rinse bins that also serve as great all purpose totes. That saved us a bunch of water waste into our tanks. By pure accident we found they fit into the sink perfectly to stowe!  Love our galley top wood utensil caddy -holds it all!  Just lay it down for travel lodged with a paper towel roll in front and the clam closed keeps all counter top in place
--the 2021 has so many great new features very well thought out.  Inside bathroom is terrific amenity, but we'll never use super cramped shower.  A great outside "more spacious" shower and a bathing suit is all we need. So, we hung a large fabric pocket organizer for all our toiletry sundries in there. LOL
Thanks to everyone here, we were able to gather the info needed to set it up. You "Tabbers" are a wonderful resource!  Still learning a lot, and for other newbies, we'll try to help as well.  We could honestly live in this thing!


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