I know this is going to sound totally odd but...

Is there anyone who purchased a [email protected] 320 CS-S who wishes they had purchased a 320 S instead?

Two years ago my girlfriend and I purchased a [email protected] 320S. She is 5'8', 135lbs. I am NOT. We knew going into it that my size was going to be an issue, but we hoped I would be able to deal with it. Well, that has proven to be a bit more of a challenge then I had counted on. My greatest issue is the bathroom. Being 6'3" and 270+lbs, I just can't comfortably use the facilities while at the same time preserving my dignity. The kitchen, functional though it is, has seen minimal use due to our seeming reference to cook outside due again to my size. There isn't enough room for both of use in the "kitchen." That having been said, our [email protected] 320S has been relegated to a sleeping chamber for us and a respectable restroom for her. Sadly for me, my restroom needs are managed by a 5gallon bucket in a gloried tent-let.

I realize that the bathroom use would still be an issue for me in a [email protected] But we LOVE everything else about our little camper. And it is other-wise flawless! The ONLY issue with our camper was that I had to replace the red RCA plug input from the Jensen head-unit to the TV. That is it!

We are hoping to meet someone with a [email protected] who might want to start cooking inside instead of outside. But, it would have to be in near-perfect condition. If you are out there, we hope to hear from you.

Have a great day.


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    @romachado - just so you know, the bed in the CSS is smaller as you sleep wheel to wheel.
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    Given what @Sharon_is_SAM mentioned, if you’re determined to stick to the smaller size trailers, the Ultimate Toys teardrop might be a better fit. The bed in that is actually 81” in length, due to the extra width of the camper. Bathroom is a bit bigger than your 2017 as well. And it’s built by nuCamp specifically for Ultimate Toys.

    No chance you’ll be able to work a straight across trade though, they’re so new that they’re still very uncommon. 


    Alternatively, the 400 may be a better fit overall. Much higher ceiling, bigger kitchen and bigger bathroom.
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    Intech Sol Dawn and Airstream Basecamp 16 are more spacious and taller floorpan versions of the Tab 320.

    I'm 5' 11" and find the Tab bath ridiculous.  The kitchen unit is a one-person operation, but combined with an outdoor grill, it works fine for two cooks.  So far the positives of the 320 outweigh the negative (mostly the ridiculous bath), and it is an exceptionally easy tow, so we are determined to make it work.  At your size, I would find that impossible with either Tab 320, and I think the front seating/lounge would be a challenge in the 400.
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    kottum said:
    ...and I think the front seating/lounge would be a challenge in the 400.
    Actually the 2023 400 dinette, with the smaller Lagun mounted table is much friendlier to us 'larger humans'. Along with the improved right hand elbow room in the bath (because of the new sink) was why we just purchased one to replace our 320. 
    We compared the 2023 400 side by side to a 2022 400 at our dealer. We looked inside the Sols and Airstreams at dealers too. 
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    Too bad Nucamp doesn't configure the 400 interior into a larger version of the 320 floor plan. We'd have decent bath size, great dining setup, and keep the same full/twin bed option that can be ratcheted up to stretch out and lounge/read/watch movies in the evening.
    Douglas and Cheryl both Navy Retired
    2022 Tab 320s Boondock/2021 Honda Ridgeline BE
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    We have a 2018 CS (ours is not for sale). We added a handle next to the mirror. It significantly helps tall people entering and leaving the lavatory. With the kitchen outside and 3 feet wider, you have much more space to cook. Where you have a kitchen inside; there will be a dresser. I think you would love a CS.
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    I bought this at Lowe's, had to beef up inside right side with plywood threw the plumbing inspection hatch from the tv side, very solid,  well worth the effort! Art
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