Unique 2018 TaB400 (Boondoock) for Sale $26,500

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Camping table and chairs not included, entry step stool and stabilizer pads are included.  Fire extinguisher is mounted inside door.  

This is the newer larger 2022 Front Tub, currently being used.  Has one gas bottle and jog wheel, cables, hose and fittings inside which are included.  We call our TaB, the TARDIS (from Dr. Who) because it looks larger on the inside than it does from the outside view.

New galley trap less HEPVO drain system, easy maintenance.  Shower has same factory installed HEVPO system

Quilt shown for display, not included.  A custom memory foam topper is is included.
Unique Nucamp TaB 400 Boondock for sale in Northern California.  This TaB400 is a dealer spec custom build by nüCamp in January 2018.  Color is light gray with blue trim, which is in mint condition, and looks new (no damage to trim or exterior panels) It features Birch Amish Cabinetry, and has the NorCold DC Compressor refrigerator, and Cool Cat AC (under the driver side bench seat). Ample storage under the bed is available. Full size hanging locker with cubby components inside.  Part of the factory custom features, include fitting the roof mounted Sunflair 194-watt solar panel with Victron controller, powering a 200 amp-hour AGM battery (installed in 2020) with a 1200 W pure sine wave inverter for off grid power.  The shower/washroom had the fold-down sink eliminated, giving more room for the shower.  A custom (removable) wood grate was also added to shower floor.  Also an upgraded Fantastic fan w/remote and roof hood was added over the fan, allowing use of the fan during rain. The Alde 3020 heat/hot water system installed.

A new high-pitch factory ordered Dexter Boondock axle and Boondock wheels were installed in July 2020, during a refit by Vogel RV in Ukahia, CA.  The trailer has only been used four times since the refit, adding about 1,000 miles total to the trailer, axle and tires.  Previously, the trailer was lightly used and had about 3,000 miles on it.  The trailer was used only in California, and made a single big trip from SoCal to NorCal during 2018.  It has been used only in NorCal coastal area since.

Added during the July 2020 refitt includes:
  Installing a new Infinity Floor over Azdel (warranty repair).
  New Rainier Apex, ST235/R75 15 tires on the new Boondock pitched axle installed
  2021 style Aluminum front Storage locker (tub) added to replace the ABS tub.
  Victron Battery Monitor BMV 712, networked to the Victron Solar controller added.
  Replaced original dinette table with the new 2021 lighter version, making converting the dinette to a bunk much easier.
  Front Window replaced (warranty),”
  Fantastic Fan, upgraded w/remote and additional lower speeds, for quiet operation.
  Galley sink drain replaced with HEVPO trap. 
  All body side seals and wheel fender flair seals inspected and serviced.  
  Alde System serviced and inspected for proper operation, no corrosion or seal damage was found, system flushed and glycol replaced.
All hoses and adapters and camping gear included:
   A New TaB400 AllPro Shade Wing visor-style awning.
  Rhino Flex black tank hose kit, 15-foot, with 2-foot short hose, and adapters.  
  50 amp to 30amp RV adapter and 30-20 amp pigtail. 
  50/30 amp Power Controller. 
  Flat style food safe water hose with regulator  
  Kurt Echo wireless brake controller controller.
  Spare fuse kit for the trailer’s fuse panel.

This trailer is ready to go camping, and includes all the extra gear you need for camping, power cables, water connection hose, filters, power surge controller and front hitch lock, electrical spare fuses, wheel chalks and leveling kit, about $500 of add ones I am including
See attached photos and let me know if you have any questions.  See list of features in my recent post above.

You can email me at [email protected] or leave a message here in the forum.
Asking $26,500, but I will consider serious offers.  Trailer is located in Northern California, on the Mendocino Coast.
Additional photos available on request.  Thanks for looking
2018 TaB400 Custom Boondock,  Jeep Gladiator truck, Northern California Coast.


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    Sorry to see that you're leaving the T@B family. Hope all is well.
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    Yes, me too, we are currently not really able to use the TaB enough to keep it. 
    It has been a great trailer, with no issues, easy to use.  We really enjoyed the four times we were able to use it.
     I will still keep an eye here on the forum and help out as I can.

    2018 TaB400 Custom Boondock,  Jeep Gladiator truck, Northern California Coast.
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    @Denny16 - please include approximate location.  Thanks!
    Sharon / 2017 T@B CSS / 2015 Toyota Sienna Minivan / Westlake, Ohio
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    OK, thought I had. 
    2018 TaB400 Custom Boondock,  Jeep Gladiator truck, Northern California Coast.
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    I just want to say that you have made a huge contribution to the forum! I hope you do keep your hand in, when the occasions arise. Well done, you!
  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 5,414
    Thanks @vhollow. I plan on keeping an eye on this forum and helping out as I can.
    2018 TaB400 Custom Boondock,  Jeep Gladiator truck, Northern California Coast.
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    Denny16 said:
     I will still keep an eye here on the forum and help out as I can.
    A recent health scare had me fearing losing the ability to travel with our T@B. I don't know your situation, but sympathize with what you may be feeling. The sharing that takes place among the T@B community is a large part of the advantage of owning a nuCamp. It's nice to know that we won't lose your inspiration here on the forum. Whoever makes this purchase will be fortunate to have your experience to help them along the way.
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    Thanks @AnOldUR, I miss my Jeep Gladiator already and will miss the TaB400 also.  
    2018 TaB400 Custom Boondock,  Jeep Gladiator truck, Northern California Coast.
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    @Denny16 Sad to see you go but I understand where you’re coming from. Thanks for contributing so much to the forum over the years.
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    Hi @Denny16, is this still available? We currently own a TAB 320 that we've occasionally posted on the forum about and are looking to upgrade to a TAB 400 now that our daughter is 5 years old and fitting all of us has been tough.

    We'll be camping up near Salt Point State Park next weekend (Feb 9 - Feb 11). If you're nearby, we'd love to come take a look at TARDIS while we we're up there.

    Two questions (if still available):
    1. Could you provide a picture of the outside of the bathroom door? Asking because if I understand correctly, it comes in a light wood or dark wood and we have a preference for the light wood version.
    2. How feasible in your opinion would it be for a future owner to add the bathroom sink back in? Any chance you still have the sink?

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    @PeterTAB Yes, the TaB400 TARDIS is still available.  This TaB never had a washroom/bathroom sink unit installed by nüCamp a blank panel was fitted where the sink uni would have been.  So I do not have the sink unit.   I will get a shot of both the washroom door and the inside of the shower area showing where the sink unit would have been.  The advantage is without the sink you have a larger area to shower in.  The galley sink is just outside the washroom door.  
    Another option would be to add a folding stand for a basin to wash up or brush teeth in, and dump it in the toilet or elsewhere — think 19th century.  
    Send me an email to [email protected] so I can send you the photos and directions to where to TaB is located.

    2018 TaB400 Custom Boondock,  Jeep Gladiator truck, Northern California Coast.
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    Thanks Denny for taking the time to prep your TAB. For others viewing this listing, I was never able to make it up to meet Denny due to a road closure on California Highway 1 that would have added too much travel time. On the way home, we decided to just save up some more money and place a custom order for a 2024 model so we can have it made how we want.

    So unless Denny says otherwise, this TAB should still be up for grabs and I recommended checking it out. Denny is a legend on the forum and you won't be able to find a better maintained trailer than this one!
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    Yes, our TaB is still available, cleaned, prepped, and ready to go.
    It comes with everything needed to take it camping including:
      New drinking water hose, the fabric collapsible type and in line water filter
      Brass water pressure regulator 
      New Shade Wing Visor type Awnings from AllPro, Blue and Silver to match thenTaB400
      New 2022 style light dinette table
      New Infinity Floor covering, marine yacht style
      Fantastic Fan upgrade to 10-speeds and remote operation
      Fan roof hood allowing its use in rainy conditions
      Custom Memory Foam Topper/mattress on main bunk with adjustable Froly system springs, that you can adjust the spring tension.
      Factory install 1200-watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter for 120VAC power from battery
      Power Surge and regulator, external type, and adapters for power cable
      New Rino waste hoses and adapters for discharging holding tanks
      Theft proof tongue lock
      New Boondock Axle and tires installed by Volgel’s RV factory trained crew
      New style nüCamp Aluminum front gas locker/tub
      Option for WeeBoost Cellular Booster
      External Solar Panel connection and 193-watt Solar panel on roof
      Victron Solar Controller, and Smart Battery power monitor
     Whilst this TaB is based on a January 2018 build, with many custom factory options added, that became nüCamp standard system in 2019 and 2020 builds, like the roof mounted Sunflair Solar panels, with no visible wiring showing.  It was factory equipped with the Inverter and Victron controllers, which are networked together, to charge and monitor the new 200-watt AGM battery (which can be easily upgraded to two 100-amp Lithium batteries in the same space used by the AGM).  This setup allowed us to camp off grid for four days, without power issues.  The fridge is a compressor type running off the 12VDC system or auto switches to 120 VAC when shore power is connected.  
    We like the original TaB400 layout, with a full size hanging locker (where the Alde glycol tank is also located for easy access), and side storage cubbies (see photos), gilling lost of storage options.  The Galley cabinet has more lockers than the newer builds, and the fridge is easy to access, and is larger than it looks, and keeps food cold.  
    The power center is under the hanging locker, where the water pump and filters are for easy access.  We think system access is much easier in the 2018/2019 builds than in the new units where it is buried in hard to access areas.  This includes the battery, which is under the driver’s side of the bunk snd can be accessed and removed through the rear outside storage locker, which has a larger, locking door.  This door also gives access to the under bunk storage area without having to move the bunk mattresses.  Also the under bunk panels are hinged and lift up for easy access to the battery area, the center storage area and the Alde systems compartment, without needing a screwdriver.  Current models have these panels screwed down.
    Being a pre Nautilus unit, it does feature the three low point drains for  cold, hot and Alde water tank, to make winterizing easy.  The drains are accessible in the side door access (where the Nautilus unit is on newer models) give you easy access to the drains, hot water mixing valve, Alde bypass valve and then Alde pressure relief (yellow) flipper valve without having to get under the rear bunk.  We liked this easy access, without having to lift the rear bunk up.  The Alde system has been carefully maintained and checked and is working flawlessly, no issues.

    The exterior of the TaB is in excellent condition, with no cracks or breaks in the blue trim.  The matching blue awning is also new and never has been used.
    See listing and photos at the start of this discussion.

    2018 TaB400 Custom Boondock,  Jeep Gladiator truck, Northern California Coast.
  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 5,414
    Our like new TaB400 is still available, and ready to go…. 
    Offers Accepted.
    Thanks for looking…
    2018 TaB400 Custom Boondock,  Jeep Gladiator truck, Northern California Coast.
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