PLEASE resize your photos before posting them to the forum

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We continue to have members posting photos to forum discussions that are way too large for the Vanilla operating system and this is causing discussions to crash when people try to read the posts.  This is most likely occurring when the larger format smart phone photos are uploaded to discussion threads, causing the forum page to crash.  We have discussed and re-emphasized this issue time and time again and ask that members PLEASE, take the necessary time to re-size/crop your photos before you post them to forum discussions as this will benefit everyone and allow forum pages to load up and display as they should.   

General re-size guidelines are as follows:

For "landscape" shots -                       please limit your photos to between 700-800 pixels wide.  

For "vertical" shots -                            please limit the photo size to between 600-700 pixels tall.

Here is a link to a simple and free photo re-size site that can be used with Windows based operating systems.   

If you follow the guidelines above it will make everyone's life easier and allow members to enjoy your photos too.  

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation!  
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    Forum Members - Once again we ask that you re-size your Internet/smart phone photos prior to posting them up as we are still encountering loading issues and page disruptions due to the fact people are not re-sizing pics posted to discussions.  Inasmuch as we do not want to remove posted photos we will start removing them when they are found to be a problem with pages loading, system crashes are encountered, etc.  We have been more than patient over the months, we have asked for assistance from the forum community, we understand that new members may not be aware of the requirements, but the problem continues to be an issue here on the forum.  

    We will do our best to work with members in resolving the issue, the Vanilla operating system does not automatically fit photos to the platform and there isn't a resolution from their end, so we will be forced to remove any photos that do not meet the forum size requirements listed above at our discretion and when a problem is encountered.  

    Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter!  
    Mike Smith 
    Linden, Mi
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    how small does the pictures have to be reduced to for posting?  i cannot figure out how to resize pictures on my MAC laptop.  Their instructions are not very good

  • Ipsar0Ipsar0 Posts: 41Member
    does anyone know how to resize images from my photo library on a MAC. It sez open in preview and then right click on the image to go to edit menu.  I cannot find out how to open a PREVIEW function. When I am in PHOTOS nothing happens when I RIGHT on an image.  These are instructions I got when I googled it.

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    Try emailing the photos to yourself at a medium or small size. Then save the new images to your photo library. This is the easiest way for me. 
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    I still cannot figure out how to make pic smaller :anguished:
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    @ lpsar0 - On a Mac you have a couple of options without resorting to third party software.  If you are using the Photos app, you have to export your photos first.  I create a folder on the desktop to hold my exported and resized images.

    Apple PHOTOS App:
    Open the Photos app and select the photos that you want to export (left click to select.  To select multiple hold down the command key when you click).  Once you have the photos selected go to File menu -> Export -> Export 'x' photos.  You will be presented with some options for exporting, including image size.  You only have a few to choose from - small, medium, large, and custom.

    You can use a preset that works for you (medium seems to work well), OR - select the 'Custom' option, select 'Dimension' from the Max menu, and then enter a value between 600 and 800.  This will create an image with a maximum pixel dimension of between 600-800 pixels.

    You can also reduce the JPEG quality to something lower but be careful as going too low can distort the image.

    If your photos are already exported and you are using the PREVIEW app, you can resize photos there as well.  Its actually a bit easier to export your photos full size, then resize with Preview, but that is a two step process.  I find you have a bit better control, though.

    Note: Make a copy of important photos first as Preview will automatically save over the original file!!
    Open the photo in PREVIEW app, then go to the 'Tools' menu -> 'Adjust Size'.  You will be presented with some options.  640x480 is usually a good size, or you can enter your own custom size.

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    Thank You for the help.
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