Cover for 2017 [email protected] OutBack -$20

RangerTomRangerTom Posts: 69Member
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I used this tarp to cover my [email protected] OutBack 2017 this past winter in Wisconsin.  It is actually nice having the spare tire and rack since it helps assure more air underneath.  I believe it is a 12x16 foot tarp.  Cost about $20.  Using it  now like this to shelter from sun while parked in the summer to reduce UV damage.  I don't have it come down far on the other (North) side since it is pretty well shaded most of the summer anyway. I also keep the two side windows open partially to keep the temperature down inside. 

2017 [email protected] OutBack 320S, 2018 Toyota Highlander.  Pewaukee, Wisconsin.  Windsurfer, Kiteboarder, Paraglider Pilot


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