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  • huanvanho
    Hello Denny16. Thanks for your comments. I don't have it at perfect level yet. Is level that critical to make refrigerator to get cold? What about when you are towing. The level is never right. Will the refrigerator works for that case?
    September 11
  • jadamsdpt
    Hi Denny16
    I am a new owner of the 400 TAB BD and trying to read everything I can.  I ran across your unofficial guide and it is the best thing I have read all week.  It really is a great manual!!! I was wondering if I could get a .doc copy as I would like to print out some of the check lists, battery info etc to laminate and have in the camper. I am trying to avoid printing out all 160 pages! Many thanks for all your documentation! 
    [email protected]
    September 2
  • Kr@cken
    I hope you don’t mind one more question. Is there a way to calculate estimated amps available from a fully charged system? I am just trying to understand my starting point. Thanks again!
    August 20
  • Kr@cken
    It works!!!!!!! Thank you so much. Solid blue light. I guess an old dog can learn new skills. 
    August 19
  • Denny16
    Look at this photo of the MPPT Solar Controller wiring, is yours using the same terminals, especially the PV + connection where mine has a green wire, yours should have a red wire connected.  If not, this is the issue, and why your solar is not working.
    my - white wires are crossed, so pay no attention to that.  You need a wire in both +/- positions on the PV (solar panel) and BATT (Battery) confections.

    August 19
  • Denny16
    The battery cutoff switch is wearer proof, so it should be OK.  I would have the dealer clean up the wiring issues, battery covers, and address the other issues, especially the underside battery jumper wire and shunt battery connection wire, they need to be at least No.4 AWG wire, go to the Victron Web site when you get home, and see the install videos they have for both the Battery Meter and the MPPT solar controller.

    In this photo of your MPPT, I think I see the issue with the solar not working, 
    but can you send me a photo shot direct on the front, not at an angle showing where the wires are connected to the Blue solar controller box, tight space I know, but give it a go.

    The larger aluminum tub is nice, and worth the investment, I am having one installed on my TaB also, replacing the original plastic one, which is gone anyway.  You needed the extra space for the new batteries.  Nice upgrade also.  When our newish AGM quits, we are going to upgrade to lithium also.
    August 19
  • Kr@cken
    Hi Denny16. Thought I would PM just in case things are even worse. I am now very concerned about what the mods cost me. The dealer suggested the larger tub so I said OK. I didn’t know how much this was going to relocate everything. My 30 amp is now outside the box mounted on the front. See Photo. The tire now won’t fit so it is getting mounted under the tongue similar to the 400. I should have asked many more questions but I had no idea things were getting moved out of the box. Is this a problem also? Yikes!!
    August 19
  • Kr@cken
    Thank you so much I am mentioning all your observations in an email to the service manager so I can bring it by and have a chat with him. Safety is my highest priority!
    You guys rock.
    August 18
  • Kr@cken
    It is in bright sunlight and has been for a few days. I think this one will be one for the dealer to sort out. The biggest issue is that it is so hot in the camper at night and I am not sure if I should even run the fan. If I keep the volts on my monitor above 12 I should be fine right?
    August 18
  • Kr@cken
    I think I got confused because my the solar app for the Victron says 0 watts after being out in the sun all day. I thought they had disconnected something. I guess it is just not working. I’ll just be super conservative with my battery use until I get home.
    August 18