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  • I had this problem, my heart pump was set on continuous not thermal.  Don't ask me what that means, but you can change it in the settings.  Also, I found where you can see the water temp, it's called sanitary temp, was helpful to me.  Also on the ad…
  • We are probably going to buy this one, have been researching the same thing.  Seasucker.com
  • Great to read this,  my 2 Honda 2200s (a regular and a companion) are arriving this week along with the parallel cables.   May I ask how you are transporting yours?  For now,  I think I will have to just put them in the trailer and take them out at …
  • Interesting.  The kitchen window is smaller than the front window, but still pretty good sized.  Not sure why it would be left off only one if it was for bugs.  Maybe something to do with the propane gas near it?  
  • @ScottG that's what I thought at first too, but the more I read about them, the better it sounded.  We're really struggling to find a simple system that we can put on the 400, and not go over tongue weight of my tv (500 lb).  Esp because I also just…
    in Bike rack Comment by gooddogs74 March 21
  • My usb by the bed is not working, is this also controlled by the breaker? 
  • @SeanandChris I just shoved the bucket in there.  It is a tight fit and doesn't seem to move.  
  • Funny you mention, I just received my vent cover from Amazon.  Climbed up on the ladder and uhhh, this looks tricky.  So we just it back in the box lol.  Please share if you find a solution, I'll do the same!
  • I just bought some queen sheets. They're really cute. https://www.target.com/p/camp-patches-printed-cotton-sheet-set-pillowfort-153/-/A-51391300#lnk=sametab&preselect=51334809    They're not a perfect fit,  but I guess I'm not that picky lol. …
  • We bought ours last month.  We live in Jacksonville.  Towing with a 2017 Honda Pilot rated to 5K (has the AWD and transmission cooler added).  I was a complete novice to towing and I have no trouble at all with it.  I feel very comfortable hooking i…
  • 27k, no added options
  • @pthomas745 I think I resized it, hopefully that will be better
  • Update:  propane appears to be working to heat camper!  Will add this to my notes.   
  • OK @RollingBnB that is good information.  So I have the propane on now, that should help, right?  Thank you, I could not find that information in the manual.  
  • Still waiting until I can get some water in the camper to see if the adjustment on the valve did anything.  Today I towed it to my house to leave overnight with the heat on since we are supposed to get down to 28 overnight.   Plugged it in (with 30 …
  • @Verna so is this considered normal? I am new to campers so it seems strange to me that it is normal for a sink to just not drain without extra work being done to make it do so.
  • @Haloo, does water sit in yours for 10-15 minutes and not move?  
  • Thanks @RollingBnB the dealer had told me it was set on the hottest,  but I am wondering if they just thought simply turning it was the way to adjust it. I'll get the system turned on soon and see if it made a difference.  
  • Went and checked the 400 again today.  The voltmeter said 12.85 when the fridge wasn't running.   Was on about 12.56 when it was running.  Does that seem like it is holding a charge so far?  I have a copy of the chart from here for the battery but I…
  • @RollingBnB I tried to adjust the valve.  Where it said to move the knob out to the side I just pulled it towards me once the screw was loose?  Is that right? I turned it some and re tightened as it said.  
  • I just got a 400 and I'm towing it with a Honda Pilot equipped with 5k capacity.  The recommendation was to not go any lower.   So if you can get it equipped that way,  I would think it would work.  
  • @4ncar do you happen to know what that looked like?  I believe the camper had been winterized prior to the dealer taking delivery,  and I just had them flush all the stuff out because we're in Florida.  Perhaps there is something else that needs to …
  • @RollingBnB thank you for that. I looked at that and just assumed it was something to just turn.  I didn't loosen anything.  Not sure I follow exactly what to do by reading that, but I'll take a screwdriver out there tomorrow and play with it.   The…
  • @Ratkity @ericnliz thank you.  It is an agm battery   I will try to check it a couple times per week.  It is stored on property near my house,  no electric out there.  We are planning on a 1 night camping trip in 2.5 weeks. 
  • Thanks @ericnliz the thing they showed me at the dealer was just a knob, looked like it was turned all the way towards a plus sign if I remember correctly.   I will go out and double check it tomorrow.
  • Update on battery.  The voltmeter I purchased is plugged in.  It is staying around 12.61 to 12.68.  The battery button when pushed says full.   The lights work.  The fridge runs and the fans work.  I was plugged into 30 amp over the weekend.  So I'm…
  • @SAM, @dsfdogs just got off phone with Marvin, thinks bad cell in battery,  Harris battery will replace, have to work with them directly.  Also did say safe to drive,  breakaway brake power should cone from my tv. 
  • @SAM they said I did have some charge before I left.   I also just got the little plug in voltmeter and I will check on that as well before I go.  
  • More drama...went to pick up camper.  New thicker wire and 40 amp circuit breaker installed.  Still no charged battery.  They said it was at 11%.  It apparently at some point had tripped the circuit breaker and nobody noticed until I got there.  So …
  • @ericnliz they didn't have thr 8 g wire there.   By the time we figured all this out and were waiting for approval for the labor hours it was not able to be finished that day.   I think the wire oversight was an honest mistake,  she said it was her …