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  • Interesting. I’d didn’t notice that at all so I’ll need to investigate, won’t I. Thanks. 
    in Pics to share Comment by ecyfoto May 6
  • How much did that retro-fit cost you if you don't mind me asking?
  • I'm thinking a re-edit was in order. Barefoot may not have signed off on it. Happens.
  • I'm curious what solutions they'll come up with for the A/C, solar, ride height, etc. Maybe Mandy's vid will give us a clue.
  • Should be interesting. NuCamp will need to farm the fabrication process out and they already have great experience with a licensed design. No way could Barefoot import a North American spec camper and be competitive in the small fiberglass market. I…
  • It's a fiberglass monocoque design so nuCamp will be going up against companies like Casita. Here's a review vid with the owner herself. 
  • Would you mind sharing the purchase price?
  • Typically a hair dryer will warm decals up enough to remove them but my experience has only been on metal. I'd contact the factory directly for advice or the vendor you'll choose to create your new designs.
  • Taking delivery of a 400 on Weds. Normal order minus the graphics. 8 weeks from order to the dealer's lot.
  • Sharon_is_SAM said: Wow, that was nice of them!  Any idea who took the pics? I received them from John Sanate from Customer Experience.
  • A parts list should be included with every trailer at the time of production that way owners are armed with the correct information for that model's construction date.
  • TaBle42 said: I tow my 400 with a GMC Canyon 4 cly. diesel with exhaust brakes! 30 mpg without [email protected] 18-20 mpg with [email protected] What kind of speeds are you usually towing at on flat terrain? Is your GMC 4WD? I've a Chevy Colorado Duramax waiting f…
  • Scooon.ttG  I was just thinking the same this afternoon. It's the doorframe that would be the most tricky. I'd paint that black and all the other bits a matching silver/grey. I'm now leaning more to the experience I planned on as opposed to the colo…
  • I was, too, but I like that the white hides all of the white plastic bits on the exterior including the door frame. I ordered mine with black trim and no graphics.
  • I'm mostly frustrated how a delay will ruin my travel plans. Had set my sights on chasing the desert blooming season out west. It'll be over by the time I take delivery of the trailer.
  • jkjenn  Well, there's nothing custom about the exterior colors. The standard colors are either silver or white. I want to switch from silver to white.
  • Great stuff! Could you export the entire doc as a PDF? I'd like to download it.
  • Will be heading out west in March (after taking delivery of a 400) to pick up a buddy in Cali and then chase the desert blooming season. Lots of winter rain so far = lots of color! West Virginia in June. No idea past that.
  • JeffroNC said: Thanks for the comments. So, you negotiated a similar price on a unit that you ordered the way you wanted it? I paid $33K out the door with microwave, solar package and standard fridge. I also live in the highest sale tax …
  • If it has the solar panel/inverter and price is out the door then its a good deal otherwise it's not out of the negotiated ordinary……… at least here in Florida.
  • I ordered the 400 from them last week and got the price I was looking for. So far so good. Now to see how the delivery process pans out along with any subsequent service needs. Skeptically optimistic.
  • I just placed an order for a 400 last week and added the microwave along with the solar panel/inverter option.. Besides added convenience I'm also thinking of the trailer's resale value. 
  • Awca12a said: I forgot to mention that you should have a torque wrench.   Since you only need 95# for the lugnuts you can use the smaller Home Depot 3/8” unit which has a 100# maximum.   Torque wrench numbers confuse me. Am I looking f…
    in Tool Kit Comment by ecyfoto January 13
  • Awca12a said: For what it's worth, we distribute our tools & equipment into easily manageable bags which get color coded so they are easy to identify and grab.  Since we travel with two or more people, it allows for a sharing of set-up and …
    in Tool Kit Comment by ecyfoto January 12
  • Just placed an order for a 400. I'm fortunate to have a dealer 30 minutes away. I'm concerned about dealer markup on parts. Is there a cap imposed by NuCamp? Will we be forced to do comparative shopping from a variety of dealers? I understand (but d…
  • PamandJohnUpNorth2 said: @ecyfoto We shopped around then we bought insurance. Then we actually read the policies and after ordering. Unfortunately with the first two attempts, each with well known companies review of the policy raised coverage/…
    in Insurance Comment by ecyfoto January 9
  • rkj__ said: "sorry, content is not available right now" If you don't have an FB account you probably will not see it. It's on the [email protected] Camping Trailers group.
  • Hmm. Interesting. I could understand sacraficing the drawer under the fridge and insert a larger (taller) fridge in its current location. Losing the closet is a tough choice. I’d rather stick with the current layout. 
  • ecyfoto said: DougH said: Has anyone found any details on the "new" LM2 I6 diesel in the 2019+ Silverado?  Supposed to have a new generation http://gmauthority.com/blog/category/powertrain/engines/lm2/ 3.0L Inline 6 diesel, and that …