Inverter Outlet TAB400

I just had occasion to check the inverter outlet on my 2019 TAB400 and found that there was an open ground.  Is this normal?  Do I have a loose ground wire somewhere in there?  If anyone has been running a CPAP from this outlet, does an open ground affect the operation of the CPAP?


  • falcon1970falcon1970 Posts: 316Member
    OK, If anyone cares, an open ground on an AIMS Power model PWRIX120012S inverter (as installed in a 2019 TAB400) is NORMAL--according to tech support at AIMSPower.  The tech guy at AIMS gave me an explanation which, while it didn't go completely over my head did hit me rather high on the forehead.  In any case, he assured me it was normal and wouldn't cause any problems with any equipment.
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