Towel Holders

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These are handy towel holders for the trailer and I even have one in my kitchen here in the house.   There is however a slight downside to these towel holders as they are a bit sloppy in their mounting ability and I noticed that mine do come loose from time to time after opening and closing doors and drawers.  There is an easy fix to this and if you take a set of channel lock pliers, adjust them to approximately the same width as the hanger end you can apply some pressure and bend the short end of the hanger arm in toward the other side.  This will allow you to re-install the towel hanger over the cupboard door or a drawer and snug it up enough so that it grips the door/drawer tightly and remains in place.  You might have to repeat this process a couple of times to get the right angle and pressure on the hanger arm, but it does make a huge difference and will allow you to take a towel off the rack without disturbing the towel holder.  

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