The Spare Tire Dilemma

Should we carry one, save weight and not carry, rely on road service to bring a tire? I keep my 2018 320 well under the 2,000 pounds for my 4 door Jeep JK. It pulls the [email protected] very well. I had the [email protected] spare sitting inside the back of the Jeep because I did not like that flimsy spare tire front mount on the [email protected] holding that heavy 15 inch tire that it came with it. I could see it shaking badly in the rear mirror even when tightened. If I mounted it on the back of the [email protected] on the Yakima rack, the added weight of 15 inch tire, basket and tire mount would be close to 100 pounds and cost more than $450 dollars for basket and tire mount. More than a road service call. So I bought a 5x500 to 5x4.50 wheel adapter. By keeping the [email protected] 15 inch trailer tire which has a rim with more load capacity then the 14 inch rims, (my 1999 Jeep TJ had 15 inch tires) and mounting it on my Jeep JK where the original Jeep spare tire was using the adapter it did 2 things for me. The 15 inch [email protected] tire is lighter than my 17 inch Jeep tire saving weight on the Jeeps tale gate where it is mounted and I don’t have to carry a spare tire on the [email protected] saving weight. Now I have a spare that can be used to get me to a place to get a new tire on the [email protected] OR Jeep. Diameter of Jeep 17 inch tire is 32.1 inches. Diameter of [email protected] 15 inch tire is 28.9 inches. Yes differential will be in use as I drive with that combination as when you go around a corner with any car. The 15 inch [email protected] tire and rim is rated for a higher load then the 14 inch tires and rim. If a flat tire happens and alligators are about to chew off my rear, yes I will drive with the 15 on the Jeep to get to a safe place. Tested the Jeep Jk up to 75MPH with the 15 inch wheel on and it ran very smooth with no unusual sounds from the differential. Wheel adapters are made for almost any wheel. When mounting the wheel adapter (1-1/4 thick) on the Jeep tale gate tire will stick out a little more but now I can wash the rear window much quicker! My background, 31 years owning a diesel repair shop. This may not be for everyone but is my solution till something better comes along. Art

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  • targtarg Member Posts: 70
    I offer you a word of caution based on practical experience...
    Be *very* careful with this if you need to put this hybrid spare on the *front* of your Jeep.  If the offset/backspacing of the hybrid doesn't match OEM, one wheel/tire will sit further out from the centerline than the other.  Not a problem until you brake hard.  If you are not expecting it, and if the difference is large enough, such an offset can jerk the steering wheel out of your hands.
    Long ago I learned this the hard way with a mismatched spare.  So, I recommend you test it in a safe place to avoid being surprised.
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  • gulfareagulfarea Member Posts: 195
    targ Good advice will be careful of that on the way to get a new tire right away! I also could rotate the front flat tire to the rear so the spare with the farther-est wheel is on the back. Would require more tire position changing but At least I still have a spare to get away from the alligators! Thanks Art
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