2021 [email protected] CS-S Boondock Kitchen Counter Height

sariiansariian Member Posts: 1
Hi everyone,
We are looking to downsize from an R-pod to a 2021 [email protected] 320 CS-S.  We are most interested in getting a Boondock version but I'm trying to figure out how high the kitchen counters (two different levels) are off the ground.  The Boondock axle adds 5" so when your wife is only 5'1" that's a lot.  I'm assuming we would set up some kind of step.  I can't find in the literature, or searching through previous discussions, these heights.  Thanks in advance!


  • ontheroadontheroad Member Posts: 254
    @sariian...it was posted recently...maybe FB...the stove countertop would be at 44" from the ground...for me that's comfortable height to cook at.. I'm 5'5"...love that I won't be stooping to cook...our boondock CS-S is due in mid August from what our dealer recently messaged me...

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