Loose Door Lock on 2015 320S — Repaired

xpaticoxpatico Member Posts: 7
Hey All, 
We have been experiencing some problems with the door lock. For some reason the whole mechanism is loose and slides up/down and fore/aft. I have removed it and tightened all screws but still has a lot of play. Keypad code doesn't always work and must use key. Batteries have been replaced, treated with silicone dry lube.  Still is iffy. Is the looseness the cause of the problem? Would washers or shims keep it from moving? Any suggestions? Advice is appreciated.


  • DalehelmanDalehelman Member Posts: 2,031
    The screws may be bottoming out. Try using shorter screws or shorten existing screws.
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  • xpaticoxpatico Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the insight. Rather than shortening the screws, I discovered the thickness of the door fiberglass/foam sandwich had compressed to a lesser thickness over the years allowing the lock mechanism to float free. I deduced a thicker gasket of some sort would bring the door back to its original thickness. Using a slab of 3/8" tough closed cell polyurethane foam, I fashioned a gasket 13 X 11 cm with a cutout for the latch. Compressed by the 4 original screws, the gasket held everything securely in place. I think success is at hand. Thanks.
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