[email protected] microwave notification beep signal when cook cycle complete

I'd like to stop the beep notification when the cook cycle is complete on the High Pointe model 1807M microwave. When I am preparing food my head is usually just 12 inches from the microwave so I kinda know the cycle is complete without the blaring beep-beep-beep-beep... Googling didn't help. The company's website is practically non-existent. Your suggestion will be appreciated.
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  • m_lewism_lewis Member Posts: 37
    An often expressed reason for camping is to escape from the stresses of everyday life.
    Unfortunately, if you want to take modern electronic equipment along, you are going to have to listen to their beeps, dings, and squawks, as there is usually no way to recode the firmware in these devices to act in a manner aligned with your personal preferences.
    If you are really serious about it, you could disassemble the device, find its little beeper and rip it out, or maybe put some tape on it to make it quieter. It is probably a little round disk, about the size of 2-3 stacked dimes, with a hole in the middle. They are usually black.
    Mind you, the insides of a microwave oven have some lethal voltages and careful reassembly is required to make sure the RF shielding remains intact. I would not recommend this to anyone not familiar with safe practices and appliance repair, even if they feel they are immune to electrocution and radiation burns.
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    I'm with you @jimcenname. Five very loud beeps when the micro finishes it's cycle are MORE than enough, even if it was installed in a sticks-and -bricks home. I just usually hit Pause/Cancel twice when the time counts down to about 5 seconds. Still two loud beeps (one each button press) but it's better than five.
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    I'm shopping for kitchen appliances and came across some microwave reviews. One of them pointed out that 90 percent of microwave control panels are pretty much the same, made from the same company, with very few variations.  Only the "number pads" that the user see will be different.  If you can find a microwave with a manual that describes how to turn off the sound, it might be worth a shot to try it on your microwave to see if the method works.

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