Front Tongue Storage

Was wanting some extra storage in front of the tub on the tongue. Got some plastic 1x6 from Lowes, cut it to fit area in front of tub, painted it black and attached to frame with bolts. Got 2 stackable lockable tool boxes from Lowes. The top one easily holds my Andersen leveler, two chocks, my cordless drill with stabilizer attachment, my wheel lock and ball lock plus a flashlight. Got a lockable strap (it's reinforced with steel to make it hard to cut). Works out great. 
2018 TAB 320S Silver and Black "Serendipity" - 2020 Honda Ridgeline RTL (AWD) Lunar Silver Metallic "Xactly"
Rick and Barbara - North Texas
"Keeping It Light" - "I'm like Tigger...bounce bounce bounce all over the place!"  B)


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