Very pleased with dealer warranty service

I dropped off the [email protected] midday last Saturday, 6/13/15, for some minor warranty repairs.  I got an email on Monday morning, 6/15/15, that the repairs were finished.  I picked up today.
The interior ceiling bowing that was in previous post turned out to be just a tacking strip that was too long, probably expanded from humidity.  The front door latch element that holds the door open was loose, as was it's connecting partner.  New holes and all is tight.  I also had a minor plumbing valve leak in the bathroom.  All seems to be well and they washed it!  Yay!
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Transitioning from 2014 [email protected] 320 CS-S [email protected] with wet bath to 2020 [email protected] 320 CS-S Boondock Lite
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