A Huge Shout-out to nuCamp

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This past Friday I completed a 7+ week, 13 state, 8,500 mile roadtrip through the southern tier of this incredible country. Stayed in a wide variety of RV resorts, parks, Harvest Hosts, private parks and boondocked. No long term plans...just spent a few days here and there, poured myself an adult beverage on my last night, grabbed the Road Atlas and decided where I wanted to go tomorrow. 

Without fail, without a single hiccup, and with every confidence...my [email protected] 400 "Otto" performed as advertised! Every system, every feature, every time. This was my first solo, longer-term adventure in Otto and I have to say, I could not be more impressed. This thing is a rock star! 

I wish to extend my thanks to all the folks at Pleasant Valley and nuCamp for designing and building a remarkable RV that exudes excellence in craftsmanship and materials while drawing attention and kudo's wherever one goes. And perhaps more importantly to many of the folks on this forum whose willingness to share their experience (good and bad...come on...we know that's how we learn!) were a central resources. You folks are the best! 

Lastly, I know the current state of affairs in the country may not lend itself to such travels. That said, I NEVER felt in any more jeopardy during my travels than I would have been had I remained at home is SoCal. It's an amazing country filled with incredible sights and remarkably friendly people. Don't let the "news" of the day mislead you...Get Out There! 

Planning for my next adventure has already begun. There are still 11 states I have not visited. Spring is just around the corner. 

Be Safe...Be Well...Wear it Out! 

2020 [email protected] 400 "OTTO" (build date 08/19)
Factory Victron Solar; Norcold 3-way fridge
'04 Chevy Tahoe Z71 5.3L Dino-killer
Third Rock from the Sun
San Diego, CA

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