Anyone in central WA state willing to let us see their 320 S "in the flesh"?

ldmay7ldmay7 Member Posts: 5
Hi, all. New here. What a helpful group. Have become almost-desperate to see a 320 S "in the flesh"! We live in Yakima, WA, and the closest nuCamp dealers are 3-4 hours a way (Spokane, Tacoma, Portland). 

My wife is retiring this year, and we want to make the move from tent camping to small-trailer camping. We did find a lone 320 CS-S at a dealer's in Richland, WA. So last Saturday, we drove down and got to it in the flesh. But, as we expected, the bed was too short for us to long-ways (which is definitely what we want -- want the ability to set it up as two twin beds). Then, on our way home, we drove through a local state park near our house, and lo-and-behold, there was a 320 S! Even I was surprised at how excited I got. But, alas, the owners were not there (maybe off to get some supplies). I almost drove by the next day to see if they were still there (I probably should have!). 

So... we're wondering if there is anyone out there, say 80-100 miles from Yakima who might be willing to let us see their 320 S? Huge thanks, in advance. 

Yakima, WA


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