Anyone in the Portland, OR vicinity-advice on storage for 1 month?

mickietucsmickietucs Member Posts: 679
I'll be in Portland for just the month of Sept but am staying with my family as it turns out. Not entirely comfortable parking my [email protected] on the street (narrow streets!) and wondered if anyone has a nice, long driveway or space where my [email protected] could "bunk" with yours (I'd gladly pay you). I've looked into a storage facility but they're SO expensive (compared to Tucson) or are full. I'm on a few waiting lists anyway. I'll be leaving Oct 1st going on Hwy 26 to the coast so even if you live in say Hillsboro or that area, it would work. Or any suggestions on a storage place they can recommend? Thanks! Michele
Michele, Tucson, AZ. TV - '13 F150 & '16 [email protected] special order.

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