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Hi Tabbers
I have a problem with my fridge (3way) when I switch from electricity to propane (code 3 appears on the screen)I tried over and over again same results: 
1-I have full of propane
2-valve in open position
3 -I hear the pilot's ciick click!
im in Canada right now and no dealer anywhere ... the fridge is new (1.5 month) never been  used on propane ... nucamp has installed a new fridge  beginning of June but it was for another problem which has nothing to do with the problem I have today! 
I need your help guys! 
Thanks Harold B 


  • MuttonChopsMuttonChops Member Posts: 986
    Looking at the Norcold 4000 User Manual there really aren't any of the smaller unit "user knobs" to play with . . . just that touch screen.  With no personal direct experience using the N4000 series I suggest you consider:

      a)  Make sure you have good gas flow at the stove.  Then try getting the Fridge to start on propane several times with an 'Off' in between each attempt, this is included in the Norcold 4000 Troubleshooting section.  Could take a while to clear any air from the gas line to the Fridge.

      b)  Might try setting the Temperature to Maximum before or while the 'sparker' is running.  Telling Fridge to get super cold while in propane mode means the internal gas valve would be wide open.

      c)  User Manual discusses the fire box access, you might open it an try match lighting the burner - -  using great caution and completely at your own risk  ;) - -
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