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Hi all...we are fairly new to the RV thing.  We have had our 2020 [email protected] 400 for a couple of years and love it.  I do my own winterize/dewinterize maintenance and pay strict attention to my checklist when shutting down or starting up for the season.  

Today we started prepping the trailer for a quick one-nighter to a local campground.  When I opened the low points I got an uncomfortable amount of clear water from the inner cold water line low point.  After draining all the antifreeze and clearing the lines I tested all the taps (hot and cold) twice.  Then I reset the bypass and tested the lines again.  I paid close attention to the lines as well as all the fittings in the compartment accessible from outside as well as the lines in the compartment under the fridge on the bathroom side.  Also checked the galley sink lines.  Bathroom lines are hard to see as is the outside shower so fingers crossed.

After this I turned on the Aldi to get some hot water going.  Redid all my line tests without issue.  I could find no sign of water anywhere so I am hoping I got lucky.  I am 100% certain I opened all the low points last fall.  Can anyone offer some insight for me on this?  The cold line feeds into the Aldi Flow unit so is it possible I have a cracked water tank?  Again, there is no sign of water anywhere.




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    I had a similar experience with my, new to me, 2021 400.  I opened the low point drains on a warm day in February and found a considerable amount of clear water.  I have not dewinterized yet but am hoping for the best.  Probably best to leave those drains open all winter but relatively small amounts of water can find space for expansion when freezing.
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    While my experience is a lowly 320s ;) I do as @Gherzig does and leave the low point drains open during winter so have never seen drainage in the spring.

    That said, am wondering about the effect of trailer leveling and changes in atmospheric pressure that might have caused water not to be fully drained - - then to appear.  {BTW I use 40-45psi air to blow out the lines before winter.}

    If you don't have any known leaks seems you are Okay, next winter keep the low point drains open.
    Am not sure how the Alde Flow functions.  Its description sounds like an extra heat exchanger so hot water remains hot longer (or water is exposed to heat longer)  . . .  If you did a good air pressure flush in the fall . . . would assume the 'Flow' pipes were empty . . .
    All this is just my rambling thoughts - - - no data !
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