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So excited just picked up our 2023 TAB 400.   So, question about electric.  while at home in the winter, do i need to keep the shoreline connected? I want the lithium battery to keep charged, so will that be done with the solar power alone?, also do I shut off the main switch in the outside storage compartment?   If this is off, will the battery still charge on the solar power, or do i need the shoreline.   Thanks 


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    Congrats on the new trailer and welcome to the community!   We have a 2021 400.  It is up to you if you want to keep the trailer plugged in over the winter.  Some people do and some do not.  If you do keep it plugged in you will need to keep the battery shut off switch in the on position.  If it is off the shore power will not charge the battery.  If you do not keep it plugged in and want the solar to just keep the batteries topped off then turn off the battery cut off switch.  That switch will not prevent the solar from charging your batteries.  But will kill all power to the trailer so you won't have small phantom draws on the battery.  If your lithium batteries or battery, not sure how many you have, is fully charged the solar should be plenty to keep them topped off over the winter.  Just remember they will not charge under 32 degrees.  Not sure where you are and if that is a problem.  If you get occasional temps below freezing it should be fine.  Fully charged lithium batteries can sit for months.  We live in a very very cold area and I also have our trailer covered.  Due to this reason we keep our trailer plugged in all winter to keep the AGM batteries topped off.  It gets so cold our solar controller shuts itself off for most of the winter. 
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