Tahoe/Yukon Tow Vehicle for Tab 400 Question

If you are using a late model Tahoe or Yukon to tow a Tab 400 Boondock, are you able to open the liftgate while connected to the Tab??  Currently, we tow our 2019 Tab 400 with a GMC Canyon and when connected to the Tab, we are unable to fully lower our tailgate because of the location of the tongue jack.  We use a straight (no drop or lift) ball assembly into the receiver.  We are shopping for a new vehicle and want to make sure that we can open the rear liftgate while hooked up.
If you are able to open your liftgate while connected; Are you using a hitch extender or any special ball assembly?  

2019 Tab 400 Boondock
2018 GMC Canyon 4x4 Denali
Beaufort, NC


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