Thermocouple Search for 3 Way Norcold in 2013 T@B Maxx

Twice now back to my original dealer in an attempt to get the 3 way fridge to light (be able to release button and green light stays lit). First time they blew out the exhaust lines and said they cleaned the thermocouple. It seemed to working in their lot, but of course when I went camping a week later it refused to light. Next they replaced a switch. And just called and said nope, that hasn't worked to fix the issue.

They want to replace the thermocouple but after months of trying have not been able to source one.

Does anyone have any suggestions for sourcing a 3 way Norcold fridge thermocouple?

Thanks in advance,
2013 MAXX T@B towed by a 2015 Volvo S60 5 CYL AWD Sedan
Seattle, WA


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