2021 320S Glycol Reservoir Access

This is probably already done by most people but I replaced the 2 wood screws that screw into the back of the toilet area with 6-32 machine thread and a wood nut-sert (local hardware store). The decorative caps still fit and I don't worry about stripping the threads by the repeated level inspections of the tank.  Note that you need to be careful NOT to drill into the tank on the right side when enlarging the hole for the nut-sert....  E-Z LOK Knife Threaded Insert for Hard-Wood, Brass Thread Inserts 6-32 Internal Threads, 0.375" Length Pack of 25: Helical Threaded Inserts: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific 
Snohomish WA, 2015 Diesel Grand Cherokee
Sm@ll World: 2021 320S Boondock, 6V Pb-acid
Shunt, Roof & Remote solar & 30A DC-DC Chargers
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