Front window stuck - 2021 320S boondocker

BarbbBarbb Member Posts: 5
My front window will not open. I think the hot Colorado sun has melted the gaskets together. Anyone know if there are two gaskets - one on the frame and one on the window? When I tried to open it, the gasket was pulling away from the glass. I quit messing with it because I would hate to cause a leak but I would like to use the window.


  • pthomas745pthomas745 Moderator Posts: 3,515
    Can you get some photos?  The gaskets can probably get "stuck", but melting may be unlikely.  If you can warm the gasket (carefully!) it might help the two separate.  Then you would have to figure out how to resecure the gasket (s).
    Can you tell us the year and model of the trailer?

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  • Maxcamp8Maxcamp8 Member Posts: 152
    Have the same model.  When open we see plexiglass edge so gasket is probably one sided.  
    Gasket adhesive might have run as well.
    If you have a heat gun you might try gently warming and using a plastic card scraper aka Bondo spreader along plexiglass to try to release a bit at a time.  An instant read thermometer could assist in monitoring surface heat.  Don't use any metal that will damage both surfaces.

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  • Basil48192Basil48192 Member Posts: 250
    I have a 2021 as well.  I'm sure that the gasket it fixed to the shell...not the window.  Mine is covered for the winter, so I found a few photos and zoomed in to refresh my memory. 

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