Prodigy® RF Plug & Play Trailer Mounted Proportional Brake Controller Question?

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My wife & I currently tow our 2022 Tab320CS-S w/ a Kia Telluride, we have a Prodigy® RF Plug & Play Trailer Mounted Proportional Brake Controller for Trailers with 1-3 Axles, Black PART NO 902502 installed on the Tab.  My question is, I just purchased a new Ram 1500 that has built in trailer brake control.  Will the Prodigy allow the Ram to use it's trailer brake system?  We still plan on using both vehicles to tow Tab.


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    @Clifco we have the Prodigy RF on our 2017 t@b 320 S. We use the Prodigy when towing with our 2005 gmc Envoy XL, which has no internal brake controller, or when family members tow the t@b.

    When we tow the t@b with our 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500hd, we have 2 options that I believe you will have also. If we DO NOT select the internal truck trailer brake controller, we use the Prodigy controller plugged into the 12V truck power supply and the trailer module plugged into the truck 7 pin the Prodigy system functions as usual.

    When we select the truck built in brake controller, we plug the trailer 7 pin into the truck 7 pin and everything works flawlessly. To do this, we unplug the trailer 7 pin connector from the Prodigy box mounted on the trailer and directly plug into the truck 7 pin, thus bypassing the Prodigy system. Just make sure to cable tie or otherwise secure the Prodigy cable out of harms way.

    We have also connected the Prodigy 7 pin to the truck 7 pin without bypassing the Prodigy box on the trailer and the Prodigy system appears to work normally that way too. However there is a caveat with that method. Our vehicle weghs approx 8,000 lbs loaded, and to be honest, we aren't sure the braking system on the t@b works using this method. Due to the heavy weight of our truck, and the heavy duty nature of the truck brakes, we cannot test to confirm if the t@b brakes are operational without burning them out. 1,690 lbs of trailer attempting to stop 8,000 lbs of truck is quite a Herculean feat. We choose not to damage the t@b in the attempt.

    Good luck, and we are sure you will be fine either way.     Jim & Denise
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