Warped Bathroom Door

I recently bought a used 2022 TAB 320 S, and noticed that my bathroom door is warped toward the interior of the trailer. Anybody have any idea's on how to fix, or what kind o material I should use for a new door? Thanks


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    Basil48192Basil48192 Member Posts: 282
    I have a 2021 320S and was just noticing mine is bowing out towards the bottom.  Just starting to think about straightening it.  I thought about adding some vertical stiffeners to the inside...but they would have to be pretty rigid (stainless steel angle or something similar).  I'll keep you posted if I come up with a better idea!
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    Yoshi_TABYoshi_TAB Member Posts: 391
    Hi @Basil48192,

    I also have a '21 and just curious if you use your shower much and if so do you use the shower curtain?  Wondering if it really makes a difference to protect the door? 

    We have about 250 days of use with a fair amount using the shower.  We have never used the curtain as it is extremely tight.  I've always thought about making a slighly looser fitting one, but not sure if it is really needed or not.  Is it to protect the door or to keep the water in if you shower with the door open?  We do wipe it down with a chamois after each use.
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    Basil48192Basil48192 Member Posts: 282
    Hello @Yoshi_TAB,

    My 320S did not come with a shower curtain.  As I just retired last year, we probably have less than 100 days of use on our 2021.  I didn't even know they offered a curtain for the 320S.  That being said, I do use the shower nearly every day, and have had no issues with water leaking out...other than a few drips when opening the door.  

    My only issue is aesthetics.  The bottom of my bathroom door is starting to bow outward and I'd like to straighten it and prevent it from bowing further.  I imagine at some point, it will not contact the seal at the bottom of the door opening...and then I might get more leakage.

    Sorry I couldn't offer more help!
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    MickerlyMickerly Member Posts: 369
    Before 2020 the lavatory door was acrylic to let in light. In 2020, Nucamp switched to a "wooden" door and added a window to the 320 lavatory. Looking at your trailer ages, we appear to have a trend.
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    Basil48192Basil48192 Member Posts: 282
    Clarification!  Mine has appeared slightly warped and 'not plumb' for as long as I can remember.  The clearance gap was inconsistent and the bottom, left corner stuck out a bit (not flush with the frame).  
    I finally decided to look at it more closely and realized that the door is actually very flat.  I just had to re-mount the middle and lower hinges.  It's still not perfect, but looks much better.
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