2022 320 Factory Solar Connections

Sorry if this has been covered before, but I couldn't dig anything up with a search.

Does the factory solar panel connect directly to the battery?  We bought our 320 used, the previous owner did some electrical work and I'm trying to figure out what goes where, and whether it's supposed to or not.  Of course they didn't sketch out a diagram...

There are 4 pairs of wires in the tub.  I can confirm that 2 pairs are for the SAE solar plug and the PO-installed inverter.  One pair is obviously for the trailer power supply.  The final set, is that the solar from the controller?  The batteries are getting charged from solar with the main disconnect turned off, but when I disconnect all wires from the battery, the Victron solar controller still sees battery voltage.
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    The solar controllers these days draw power from the solar panel and the battery.  So, that is why the Victron app is still showing "something".  Is it still showing a battery voltage with the battery disconnected?
    So, yes, the solar is connected directly from the controller to the battery, as you discovered with the switch off.
    What you need to watch for next is: the controller wants to be connected to the battery before the solar is connected.  (According to the Victron controller manual).  So, you might want to be careful with the readouts from the Victron if you simply reconnect the battery with the controller still "under power" from the solar panels. 

    If you know where the controller is, you can simply disconnect the negative cable in to the controller from the panels, then connect the battery, and then reconnect that negative panel cable to the controller.
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