Shore power is not heating

stmur7stmur7 Member Posts: 28
2 nights ago, I turned on the heat using electric shore power connection at campsite and it worked ok. Last night it didn't work so I used gas which did work? The little circle in the Alde screen showed it was supposed to be working but I obviously didn't hear it like did when I switched to gas. The temperature was about the same both nights. Must the lightning bolt option showing either 1kw or 2kw be on? I thought that was just for hot water and not cabin heat, and I don't think I had that on when it did work.

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    WayneWWayneW Member Posts: 191
    @stmur7. Yes, the lightning bolt must be on when hooked to shore power for the Alde to work, and you probably want to turn the gas option off. If you are using a 30 amp service you can set it to 2kw. If you use a 20 amp service just put it on 1kw. You won’t hear it like you do when running on gas. It’s nearly silent. But you can check on how it’s working if you press the gear symbol on the Alde panel then find the “Service” option. That will tell you the glycol and water temp. 
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    stmur7stmur7 Member Posts: 28
    Wayne, that is very helpful...especially the part about using 2kw with 30 amp. I wasn't sure which to use. Gas was off. I will check the gear then service option tonight. Thanks so much!
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    berggerbergger Moderator Posts: 1,031
    Also when it is running on electricity it will be much quieter than on gas.  You'll hear the low whirl of the circulation pumps but that is it.  When we are using 30amp electric to run the Alde I'll keep the propane on and set the priority to electric.  That way if it gets really cold and the electricity can't keep up the propane will kick in.  If you are not worried about temps getting too cold then you can always just turn off the propane feature.  
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    Kevin_KKevin_K Member Posts: 33
    I made a mistake once of having electric and gas off while on shore power as I didn’t need heat on, but needed hot water for dishes. I thought hot water and heater were two different systems, but guess it is under the same Alde system. The hot water setting was turned all the way up, but still no hot water. After turning electric to 2kw, I had hot water. Just had to make sure glycol system didn’t heat up by turning down temp. It gets pretty warm at night with two people and two huskies inside with vent open.
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    stmur7stmur7 Member Posts: 28
    Thanks, ya'll. This was really helpful.
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