FOR SALE 2009 T@DA / TADA FD Floor plan (Rare) - $27,500 CAD (~$20,100USD)

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Crossposted in several Facebook groups. We are moving to boating and won’t have time to use this trailer. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it! Please review photos and video walkthrough below for links:

Google Photos & Videos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gabYCa7RVXy3tEjE8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/gabYCa7RVXy3tEjE8

Our youtube channel for some of the mods: https://www.youtube.com/@tadablog8703/featured https://www.youtube.com/@tadablog8703/featured

New CLEAN cushions (Oct 2019) direct from Nucamp (TAB400 style).

We have photos of all the modifications and upgrades and have METICULOUSLY maintained and babied this trailer.

Price is FIRM, we are not in a rush to sell. Please do your research first and then reach out for questions.  EXAMPLE: PLEASE do not ask me if “your car can tow this”, I honestly don't know! (sorry)

CURRENT WEIGHT: Axle Weight: 2,940lbs  / Tongue Weight: 320lbs / TOTAL WEIGHT: 3,260lbs


  • Pahaque add-on tent awning (OEM)

  • New T@B 400 style cushions and upholstery (TAB 400 Style)

  • Purple Line Enduro trailer mover (remote control control European style, see youtube channel)

  • Tekonsha 902502 Prodigy RF wireless Proportional Trailer Brake Controller

  • Dual 6V golf cart batteries & Victron Energy battery monitor w/ bluetooth module (and phone app) This nets us about 5-6 day of drycamping. Your mileage will vary.

  • Exterior multi color LED strip (w bluetooth app)

  • All new interior (3000k) LED lights

  • 2” Hitch receiver for bike rack (welded to subframe 400lbs tongue weight)

  • MaxxAir Fan with upgraded QUIET mode (see youtube chanel)

  • Dometic 3-way fridge (12V/120V/Propane) - much larger than in FDX layout - with dual fan and upgraded intake - much more efficient than the OEM setup. In propane mode, the fridge uses less than 0.6A/hr 

  • CoolCat AC 

  • Microwave

  • Camco Portable Propane Little Red Campfire

  • LG 24" TV

  • Original cushions from Pleasant Valley (OEM manufacturer) are included (in good shape!)

  • 5.5 Gallon fresh water Rhino tote (external carry on)

  • 11 Gallon gray water tank (external)

  • Hot water tank 6gal (Electric/Propane)

  • Camp Chef Everest (portable propane stove (2X 20,000BTU burners)

Plus many extras: comfy chairs, tables, dishes, cutlery, toaster, kettle, colouring books…etc

The slight imperfections/ TODO things:

  • a few minor scrapes on back of trailer

  • left brake bulb intermittent

  • T@DA decal has been replaced (2018) but slight peeling - can easily be replaced

  • Clear coat on front of trailer has started to peel

  • interior overhead marine carpet is delaminating in the front but can be reglued

  • tires and thread are in excellent shape but are from 2016 so they will need to be replaced this year due to age (not wear) - they are absolutely fine to take the trailer home

We would really prefer, if our T@DA  goes to someone from the T@B groups / forums where folks appreciate the time and effort put into this trailer. As such it has not been listed outside these private groups at this time

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