Using leveling blocks to get enough height to use a portable waste tank?

Jay_and_KatJay_and_Kat Member Posts: 224
When we started the process to get our camper, we won a 15gal Rhino portable waste tank and we've had to use it a few times.  The only problem we have is, the top of the tank, is just a bit higher than the dump valve on the camper, so we have to do the "slinky walk" to get "stuff" through the hose.
Once, we had a camp site that was JUUST right so all we had to do was hold the hose level to drain, and slinky walk the last little bit.

So the thought I just had was, what harm would there be in putting the camper up on a stack of leveling blocks under BOTH wheels?  Enough to get the dump valve just a little higher than the top of the Rhino tank, and still enough to level the camper?  I know we'd need to stack some under the tongue jack as well, as we'd be going "higher" and might not have enough "reach" to level front to back otherwise, but are there any other downsides I might be overlooking?

We generally camp in state parks on paved campsites, so I'm not worried about the blocks sinking in.
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    BinghiBinghi Member Posts: 279
    Yes, that would work, though it would be a hassle.

    As an alternative, you might try lengthening your sewer hose. Whenever my camping site has one of those irritating elevated sewer outlets that approaches or exceeds the height of the trailer’s black water outlet, I add my extra 10-foot sewer hose to make the hose length 20 feet. That doubles the capacity of the hose to accept black water, and halves the number of walk-backs I have to do with the hose. Haven’t measured it, but 20 feet of sewer hose holds a lot of liquid.
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    subkronsubkron Member Posts: 151
    As a point of reference a 10', 3" nominal sewer hose holds 2.5 cubic feet by volume which is about 18.7 gallons. That off course assumes the hose is 100% full.
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