Anyone towing a [email protected] with a 4 cylinder Kia Optima or 4 cylinder AWD Sorento?

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and considering buying a [email protected] Clamshell. I'm excited about these [email protected] products but I've never towed an RV before. Is anyone out there towing one of these [email protected] trailers with a 4 cylinder Kia? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!


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    One observation after two months with our new S [email protected] it on flat roads with my (V6) Tacoma is nothing...but when I have to go up some of our steep passes (10,000ft) here in Colorado, then I REALLY know I'm towing something. So I think a lot depends on where you live and where you want to camp...

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    From what I can tell, from Kia, they do not recommend towing with the Optima at all.  It does not mean it can't be done, but it may invalidate any warranty you may have through the manufacturer.

    The Sorento is listed as having a towing capacity of 1650 for the four cylinder.  It is just enough to tow a [email protected], empty, with no room for anything else, including fuel and the driver.  Angain, you can do it, but it may not be safe as that vehicle is not really built for it.  The V6 is rated at 3500, which is more then enough to do the job.

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    Thanks for the comments, DurangoTaB and Cyclonic. After checking the vehicle owners manual, our Sorento is OK with an RV of up to 2,000 lbs as long as the trailer has it's own breaks, which I think the [email protected] have. We live in Ohio and would be doing mostly Midwest and East Coast trips with the [email protected] In another five years, we will move up to a V6 Sorento or Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, which will give us the ability to go a little bit bigger on a travel trailer.
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    Along with trailer weight you also want to factor in the occupants of the vehicle and gear/cargo hauled in your vehicle tow rating.  Things do change during travel, traffic conditions (congestion, inconsiderate drivers in front of you, etc.), weather needs to be factored in and road surfaces as elevation and grade (as noted earlier) place a huge strain on the transmission, things begin to heat up and wet road surfaces make it difficult to stop a vehicle pulling a trailer.   I've had loads push me while trying to stop various trailers and loads I have hauled over the years and have seen some terrible consequences via accidents when others lost control of their rigs.  As noted, you can probably pull about anything with any vehicle, but having the right vehicle that is sufficiently/adequately rated for the load and that is capable of doing so 100% of the time is the best way to go.  Safety is the ultimate goal and protecting yourself and your family should always come first and foremost as things can and do happen when you least expect it.......  

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    i bought a 2012 [email protected] max and tow it with a kia sedona v6 it does alright but usually i am in 5th gear and not 6th gear at 65 to 70 mph, i also only get 13 to 14 mpg when not towing i can get 24 to 25 mpg hope that helps
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    When towing using a Kia Sedona, do you have a sway bar installed?  We are about to buy our first [email protected] unit and am very excited.  Also, having never towed a trailer before, was curious if a sway bar was needed.  I know the [email protected] doesn't weigh as much as other travel trailers, but was just curious if anyone uses a sway bar.

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