9 months solo

I haven't posted for a while but since seeing new members on the forum and their thoughts about camping solo, I thought I'd add my 2 cents. I just returned from 9 months on the road. 8 western states, 53 campsites, 4,000+ [email protected] miles and somewhere around 276 days. Some friends said I was "brave" and they worried something would happen traveling solo. In my experience, 99.9% of campers and hikers are awesome, helpful people and if one takes the typical precautions as one should even in their own town, all goes well. I found out what made me comfortable and what style of camping works for me. Money-wise I had hoped to do a lot of BLM sites, and although I did a few, I prefer a campground with a host (some BLM have them) and designated hiking trails but I don't like rv parks. My campsites were a mix of state, county, national and forest service parks. To save $$ I opted for the non-hookup sites sometimes. There was only one park I left --- a county park that would have been okay except for the person who pulled in next to me. I wasn't threatened but it didn't feel right so I left. Trust your instincts. I traveled and hiked with a hiking stick, have pepper spray and even a taser but never once felt scared. I have made numerous friends and am staying in contact with several---it was great to see how many women are now traveling solo. My advice is figure out what style of camping that is yours, be aware of your surroundings, and take whatever precautions that you need. Hoping your travels, like mine, bring you complete joy. 
Michele, Tucson, AZ. TV - '13 F150 & '16 [email protected] special order.

"Travel changes us. We don’t even have to try. We simply need a little willingness-and a decent pair of shoes."  (author - McCarthy, Longest Way Home...").



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