[email protected] annual event (first day in April)

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Come join us at Okefenokee Swamp for this annual event.
Popular contests and spectator sports include --
- Stuffed [email protected] (how many people can fit in your [email protected]?)
- Dutch Oven Toss
- [email protected] Corner (bonus points for style)
- [email protected] 50-yard Push-Pull; tandem and solo categories
- [email protected] It Up (distance championship)
- [email protected] Cornhole (played with mud pies and solar panels; low voltage wins)
- [email protected] In My Wet Bath (bait restrictions will apply)
Juried awards for:
- Stinkiest grey water tank [Sorry, black water contest cancelled by health dept.]
- Largest and smallest tow vehicle
Plus the ever popular Mod [email protected] Series:
- Most expensive mod (just because)
- Most mods without breaking something
- Most holes drilled
- Craziest kitchen accessory
- Best decorated (yard ornaments included)
- Best [email protected] (decal, acrylic sign, paint, or sticker)
Also events/awards for solar, pets, and more. (I'll let others describe them.)
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    Gotta love it! Just need to know what 'ya put in yer coffee..... ;)
    Ok, now that I found my Irish Cream....
    -Timed [email protected] cover install & removal (timed, singles & couples event, style points given for most inventive)
    -Add a tent set-up (another timed event, singles and couples, again, style points given)
    - Least messy gray & black water dump contest (gloves not allowed....)
    - Messiest gray & black water dump contest ( better include the gloves, hip waders & rain gear on this one. (Googles optional, but highly recommended!) HAZMAT gear required, must have area cleaned per Health Dept. requirements at end of each contest ) ( Style points definitely given on this one  :D )
    -Largest & smallest solar panels ( includes timed set-up )
    -Longest solar extension cables ( and still have charging capabilities )
    -Shortest solar extension cables
    -Most mods done inside, and still be able to move around easily
    -Most mods done on/in trailer tongue and still have room to set your beer/ coffee cup (or favorite beverage) without setting it on top of the propane cover
    -Most mods done inside front propane/battery box ( and still be able to describe and point out everything in there )
    -Unload & re-load everything inside propane/battery box ( yup, timed event )
    -Most camping accessories deployed ( style points definitely! )
    -Least camping accessories deployed ( must still be able to have shade, sit, and cook outside, other than CSS kitchen )
    -Best lit [email protected] ( need 'ya ask about style points? ) Battery and shore power - separate events
    -Most inventive fresh water fill method ( without getting air bubbles, and highest reading on inside meter )
    -Fastest fresh water fill ( timed, and same rules apply as above)
    -Timed unhitched 180* turn - pavement ( singles, couples, separate events )
    -Timed unhitched 180* turn - gravel (again, singles, couples, separate events )
    -Timed unhitched 180* turn - grass ( same rules apply as above stated )
    -Timed unhitched 180* turn - sand ( bonus style points on this one, especially the singles event! )
    Almost forgot, we're in the swamp, so...
    -Most mosquito bites ( bites to be counted with a permanent marker, color to be chosen by contestants ) :D
    -Least mosquito bites ( you'll be required to give up the method of how you accomplished in this event )
    -Connect the dots picture contest: winner, first, and second runner-up of above ( most bites ) contest to be canvases. Most recognizable picture, most colors used, largest areas used. Note: colors to be chosen by artists using all available permanent markers. =)  
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    -Largest, smallest and pet count competition
    -Spare tire toss
    -Most stickers and best use of room for stickers
    -Best squashed bug collection
    -Most items connected to one propane tank
    -Loudest entertainment system
    -Fastest fire start and then extinguished due to environmental conditions
    -Quickest first aid application (due to pinched and stuck fingers)
    -Longest time without a proper shower
    -Longest time to stand close to a boondocker (see above)
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    Wow, save the date!

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