nüCamp RV Product Review

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In an effort to introduce, market and get the word out on their product line nüCamp is looking for some positive feedback on their trailer line and is asking that forum members take time out from their busy day, open/download/read the attached PDF files and provide a positive review of their product line via your personal experiences with the company therein.  This is a project that comes via nüCamp's Marketing Department and that is supported by their Marketing Director, Matt Williams and Company CEO Scott Hubble.   

Forum members are encouraged to participate and you will find attached the Google review handouts provided, with instructions for leaving positive reviews. Please note that a 5-star review is equivalent to an “A or B,” whereas a four star review is equivalent to a “C”.  We ask that you leave a 5-star review for nüCamp  as their goal is to get 10 reviews by the end of the day tomorrow and 50 reviews or more by next Friday. As forum members we ask that you leave a personalized and positive review and ask that you have your spouses, parents, children…whomever…also help out by leaving reviews.

This is an important undertaking by the company and please note that both men and their staff genuinely appreciate your time, support, input and send their thanks in advance!

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