Anything Behind the Back Shelf?

I know this is a long shot but thought I would try.  I am wiring a license plate rearview camera and have been looking for a spot to wire it (it is wireless so need power only).  I finally found access to the two back side running lights in the far back corner of the storage area below the sofa.  I did some measuring and think that if I drill a small hole in the upper right corner of the license plate cubby toward the front but at about a 45 degree angle, I should come out in the small storage area beneath the shelf in the back allowing me to pull the wire where I need it.  But I am a little worried about any wires, tubes, etc. that might be back there.  Has anyone ever accessed that area to see what is back there?  Looks like foil type insulation but I can't tell if I would run the risk of hitting anything.  Any thoughts?
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    You do have the fins from the Alde back there, but you'll never hit them with a short bit. If you go inside and trace out the smaller gauge wires going through the Alde compartment into the rear compartment, there should be a total of 5 sets of wiring--one set each to each of the lights at each end of the cabinets, then there are two sets for the tail lights and one set for the license plate light. My wiring to the passenger side is attached to the back side of the wood making up the rear of the undersofa storage area. I cannot see how the license plate wiring gets to the license plate light.  

    I hope this this makes sense and helps. 
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    Not sure what changes were made in 2017 Max S but I removed the back shelf top, then the reflective insulation underneath it (held by foil tape along the top that is reusable). Then I had full access to all wires across the back of the [email protected]
    In my case I ran camera video/power line as shown in photo (hole drilled thru license plate lip) and tied into the running lights for power (back passenger side corner; not shown).

    You can see one of the license plate screws at bottom left.
    Note how the license plate light is spliced into the running light wires at the factory.
    Red/brown is for the tail lights. Your colors may be different.

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    Thanks so much @Verna and @TabberJohn .  This is very helpful.  I think I should be ok.  The wires I plan to tap in to are the green and white.  Those appear to go to the side running lights and are accessible from the storage area below the sofa.
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    Does anyone know how to get access to the wire harness behind the license plat on a 2012 PLVA U-layout [email protected]? I'm studying how to connect a wireless backup camera to the electrical system for power. I'm considering a license plate camera and I want to use it while driving as well as for backing up. I think I can splice it into the license plate light so it works when the lights are turned on, but I'm reluctant to start drilling big holes in the bumper without knowing what is there. Any suggestions?
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    @Rollingztone I know nothing about the 2012 model so I don't know how much help I can be but here is what I found when I did my license plate camera.  I also wanted to tap the license plate light but found that I had no play in the wire when I tried to access so I decided to fish the wire through to the side and splice near the passenger side running light.  With help from people on the forum, I was able to get the wire through the primarily hollow tail and bring it under the rear bench seat where I had room to work.  Drilling a hole in the shell made me very nervous but it worked just fine.  Silicone sealed it nicely after I ran the wire and the camera has been very helpful during travel (primarily because it makes me feel more comfortable towing).
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    Here is a thread with a details on several ways we've installed our cameras.  Mine is wireless and I ran the cable under the camper, up thru a preexisting hole near the Alde and back to utilize the 12v outlet for power.  I wanted to be able to power it when not connected to the TV so I could use the monitor as a view out the back of the camper (I mostly boondock and would like to know what's out there before I let the dogs out).
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    Thanks. I talked to the parts dept. at Pleasant Valley and for $4 I can buy a new drop-in replacement license plate light with 6" leads. I can only pull 1" out for the present light, but I think that 1" will be enough to attach an in-line splice. Then on the other side of the splice I'll can splice in both the new license light and the camera power lead together. The problem is that the camera I'm considering (from Tadi Brothers) has a big transmitter between the camera and the end of the wire and I can't have that just hanging in the breeze. I wish I knew how to gain access to the area between the license plate and the compartment behind the back seat in the [email protected]
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