[email protected] 400 Sofitel?

My wife & I have been looking at the [email protected] 400.  We currently have a Thor Vegas 25' motorhome and we plan to downsize to a [email protected] 400.  It has everything we want and need for how we camp.  We are retired and take a camping trip at least once a month.  We do not want to be encumbered with towing a TOAD with the MH, so...

we are contemplating buying a new Honda Ridgeline RTL-T and a [email protected] 400.  The Ridgeline gives us the AWD and car-like comfort without the harsh suspension of a Tacoma or Nissan.  It is easier to get into and out of and has all the leather and other car-like refinements we want in a truck (we do not plan on doing any off-roading).  The 5000#/500# hitch weight tow rating should be adequate to tow the [email protected] 400.

We do have a few questions about future changes on the TAB 400 by Nu-Camp before we order one.  Any plans to offer a microwave or microwave/convection oven?  Is Nu-Camp considering ever offering the 400 with the Sofitel Package?  If so, we would rather wait until the Sofitel is available before ordering the 400. 
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  • RollingLagrimaRollingLagrima Posts: 433Member
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    I LOVE my 2016 320 Max S Sofitel. If it came in a 400, well =) following...
    Sally, "[email protected]" 2016 [email protected] Sofitel Maxx-S (plata=silver; SP), previously Little Guy 2014 Silver Shadow LE, TV -- 2013 Chevy Avalanche + two hounds.
  • icesk8ricesk8r Posts: 5Member
    Not sure what aspects of the Sofitel you are looking for in a 400. The style & material upgrades of the 400 seem to be of the same level of the Sofitel. 

  • scottdickiescottdickie Posts: 15Member
    It would be nice to have the option of the exterior and interior side and wall upgrades of Sofitel as well as the fake leather. Does the exterior door handle light up on the 400?
  • icesk8ricesk8r Posts: 5Member
    What are the wall upgrades? Do you mean the dark grey interior? The 400 has white walls inside (not that mottled standard RV wallpaper). What is the exterior wall upgrade of the Sofitel? The 400 does not have a lighted handle. That would be nice.
  • SeanmurrySeanmurry Posts: 15Member
    Jeffinnh Member Posts: 6
    We tow a 400 with a 2017 Ridgeline and it works well in the 60-65 MPH range. I have had it up to 75 with no wiggle or swaying. We have a ARE cap on the truck and a tailgate lock, so we can secure alot of gear. A nice feature of the truck is a 1500 lb load capacity. You have reasonable room to load after trailer and cap. 

    Do you use a weight distribution hitch or any anti sway device with the Honda Ridgeline?
  • scottdickiescottdickie Posts: 15Member
    The silver metallic exterior I believe is only on the sofitel and yes the dark grey interior would be nice.
  • JeffinnhJeffinnh Posts: 9Member
    We tow the 400 without any any additional devices other than clamp on mirror extensions and we tow it dry with most gear in the truck.
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