Refrigerator Exhaust Vent Gets Hot

Our new 2018 [email protected] 320 S Norcold refrigerator exhaust vent reaches about 140 degrees when on medium electric setting and seems very hot to touch. Our model has both the intake and outtake vents next to the door.  So, the door also gets hot if it's latched in the open position. We're just wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue with a very hot outtake exhaust vent while using the electric mode to cool the refrigerator


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    I'm plugged in now, just checked it, and not overly hot. Just warm and I am on the highes setting at the moment...
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  • Thank you for checking and for your reply.  I think we'll have it looked into at the dealership as we just bought our [email protected] this summer and we're still covered under the 1-yr warranty; so better safe than sorry.  We appreciate your feedback and time.  
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    The higher the outside temp the higher the exhaust temp. We don't open the door fully because it does block air flow to the vents. Especially in the summer heat. This is how we prop the door open.
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    @100nightsinTAB I'm heading out today, same [email protected] as you and I also noticed how warm/hot the exhaust vent is and even smells hot. Refrigerator not even at medium, inside temp of refrig at 38. Trailer is in my garage, about 78*, so not overly hot outside. I've never heard any fans, so assume that is normal. Counter top warm too, but maybe that's normal too. Did you learn anything from dealer? Anyone else? Thanks.
    ps. I tried unscrewing the black screw/tab things holding the vent on the outside so I could peer inside, but unscrewing doesn't do do the vents come off?
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    This is the inside of my vent with a screen and filter. To remove it, rotate the black clips at the top 90 degrees and tip the top out. The bottom is held in place by the white plastic feet along the lower edge. Once the top of the vent is rotated out, just lift up the vent to clear the bottom hooks from the opening in the sidewall. 
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    Ha! I’m not the only one who put screening on the “bug motel entries!”
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