For New Members (PLEASE READ) - Private Messages & Member Bulletin Board

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Three good things to know about and to consider regarding member privacy on the forum are as follows:

  1. Private Messages - Private messages can be sent to others and you can do so by clicking on a member's screen name and selecting "message" button on the screen.  Only you and the individual you are communicating with can see this communication.

  2. Member Bulletin Board - When you type inside the box shown in the photo it becomes "public information" that all others can see, either by clicking on your screen name or selecting the "activity" menu option at the top of the forum screen.  

  3. Activity -  Comments posted on the member bulletin board become "public information" and can be seen by anyone who clicks on the activity menu.  

CAUTION - Protect all of your personal information (e.g., email address, phone number, credit card info, etc.) and use good judgement when posting to the  forum as it can be easily seen/obtained by anyone using the forum and across the Internet.


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    BUMP! Lots of new members! Historically, most members don't look at their own or the forum's Activity pages, so if you post there, your post may not be read by many folks, or may be missed if you're trying to reach out to a specific member. This category has lots of information re getting around here. Happy [email protected]! Judi
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    Okay, everyone. Please read. There’s a lot of missed opportunities to help others, plus there are lots of unanswered messages on the Activity Page (click on “Activity” at the top of the page).  There were hurt feelings this morning, too.

    So, don’t type in the large box on the person’s profile page. Type in the smallest MESSAGE box in the upper right, otherwise, you won’t get your message answered. No one looks daily at the Activity page, so just try to remember to type in the small box. 

    And no, I didn’t design this platform and I understand this is the “normal format”, so we have to live with it. 

    Off my soapbox......
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    This thread is essential reading.  A message started from your “Activity box” without addressing it to another member gets stuck in the Activity drop down.  Although public, it often goes unread as most members read new posts from the Home page.  If you use this area, you must address it to someone!

    In addition, PLEASE RESIZE YOUR PHOTOS AS REQUIRED.  Search this topic on the forum and you will find plenty of options.

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