Roaming to a local rail trail and Nova Scotia, part II

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Apparently my first thread was "full", so I had to continue with a part II...

The Keltic Lodge is in, and part of, the Park along with the trail out to the end of Middle Head. 

Hey, this is a public path; unruffle those feathers and don't be such a grouse!

South Ingonish Bay and Beach looking to the end of Middle Head. 

The Park Interpreters held a sunset walk at the campground beach and went above and beyond, bringing blueberry tea, building a fire, and giving out marshmallows with long forks for roasting. Good job!

And as darkness falls, the photo journey ends. It's been so much fun every day seeing new places, learning new things, and meeting some nice people on the trails. I hope the photos provide a little taste of this place. It's a beautiful world!  Thank you Parcs Canada for celebrating your 150th anniversary and inviting the world to visit your parks free for a year. Our visit was limited just to the Highlands National Park and some surrounding communities; a small part of Nova Scotia. 

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    and....THANK YOU again for sharing!!! ;)
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    Thank you for the pics!  Brings back memories.  Me and my GF were in Ingonish for two nights at the begining of september and made the loops up to Meat cove for the night and came back south via Cheticamp as well to reach Louisbourg Forteress.

    Nova Soctia is such a nice province.  We loved the shorelines with all the coves and small harbor towns.  Was also surprised how warm the water was at the beach so north in the ocean.

    and sadly, the incident the killed the police officer in New Brunswick happen just a few hours after we came back on the same road.  It is nice that the comunity paid tribute to the fallen officer. 

    Thank you for that trip report.  Now if I could just take the time to resize my pics to up load them. 
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    Thanks for posting the great pictures. Brings back memories. My grandmother was born and raised about 60 miles from there (as the crow flies) in Sydney, NS before she got married and moved down to the USA.

    We spent many happy times traveling to visit her relatives up in Cape Breton when I was a kid. It's good to see the region is just as beautiful and unspoiled as ever. Also, so many of the people there are super friendly.
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