Sofitel package or no?

I have been looking at the [email protected] 320 S. I love the look of the Sofitel package but I am not sure it is worth the extra $4,000. Can you weigh in and share your opinion?

Thanks in advance. 
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    @AnnM, we have a 2017 sofitel and love it, that being said, the answer is usually in the way you camp. We have two boys, currently 11 & 12. My primary reason for purchasing the sofitel package was the faux suede ( vinyl) upholstery. The boys were 9 & 10 at the time we ordered it. My mind went to their first cup of red anything to drink, and the accompanying uh-oh when the oops happened. The washable vinyl for us was a necessity. The gray interior was a must in dealing with little boy fingerprints, and the always greasy hands of my tool & die shop maintenance man husband. The off white interior surface my door is already tough to get clean dealing with all 3 of the xy chromosome members of the family, so the ability to easliy clean and maintain my teardrop was a major factor for me. Evenings and rainy days we love the window valence accessory lighting while watching movies or tv. Purchasing the sofitel back then was the only way we knew of to get those features, since we didn't know that nucamp would customize the interior with those options or just one or two of them, as we chose, and neither did our dealer. How do you camp? Do you backwoods it, or glamp? Is it ease of care a factor, or is how you feel while in your cocoon of major importance? Are you single or camping in a multiple family like us? Consider your own individual circumstances, and make the choice which suits YOU best, and therein lies your answer. Welcome to the forum. 
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    Thanks for the feedback @dragonsdofly - very helpful! My husband and I have a 13 and 14 year old and we camp in a 26 foot TT. This will be my "girl camping" trailer. It will also be used for weekend getaways with my husband or one of the kids. I am not as concerned about the easy clean up as the kids are pretty good in the camper. I do love the look and style. 

    Thanks again!!
    Dreaming of a [email protected] for girl camping. Live in Western, NY.
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    As  much as I loved the look of the Sofitel I couldn't justify the extra $$. What I didn't know was that I could have ordered the 320MaxS with Sofitel cushion covers. They are probably an extra charge, but cheaper than the full upgrade. I love my Tab, and yes, it's my hide away. As DH told the salesman, "his names on it but we all know it's hers!" Good luck with your decision!

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    @AnnM, you love the look of it, and you are treating yourself to a girl camping and getaway place. Seems you may have answered your own question. Good luck, and here's to future happy [email protected]!
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    My 320S came with the Sofitel cushions, less than $200 extra.  I thought the cushions would be good, because I have two dogs.  I do love the cushions; however, I only have one bottom cushion exposed. The back bench is permanently made into a bed, one set of bench cushions was removed to put in storage drawers, and the back cushion was removed from the remaining bench to give more room for my dogs. While I love the feel of the Sofitel covers, if I knew then what I know now, I would have gone with the regular covers and made  my own cover.

    I think dragonsdofly has some good advice. If it makes you grin a bit bigger and you can afford it...go for it.
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  • DalehelmanDalehelman Posts: 1,530Member
    Our 2015 Sofitel actually has a different exterior skin that is painted aluminum. This is different from the standard 320 exterior. I am not sure if newer Sofitel’s have the same exterior. When looking down the side of ours the reflection is mirror sharp. If you look down the side of a standard 320 there is a slight waffle weave. The aluminum exterior also has a slight effect on cell phone reception when inside. Flooring is also different and cabinet hardware is different. I’m not sure if $4000 is justifiable, but we do love ours. 
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    I really like the aluminum exterior of mine and I think that's where a lot of the cost difference may be. It's lighter than fiberglass but we're talking about [email protected] right? Typically, fiberglass is a better insulator but cracks easier than aluminum. Aluminum can dent/ding. If I were back at the dealership to do it all again, it would still be a tough call but.... well.... dollars saved translate to travel right? Your buying a [email protected] you can't go wrong. 
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