Was checking out the German and UK forums on the [email protected] 320, 400's and it was interesting to see the insides. Different hardware and cloth designs to include flooring. 

One thing I liked was the cabinet hardware was more attractive to include cushion cover patterns. Dusseldorf seems to have a annual event showing off the latest and greatest styles. I did a lot of camping in Heidelberg, Stuttgart and Nijmegan  but it was with tents.

Many vids on youtube from other countries. Culture definitely dictates style.  Anyone one else getting ideas for interior design and mods from across the pond?

With so many small vehicles in Europe and the price of petro it makes sense that [email protected] and other caravan manufactures go small.  Some crazy small camper concepts.

Also of note with my experience is people camp differently here than the do in Europe. I would gather wood from different locations to make pit fires, the first time I did it I had many Germans bring over a bottle of wine or beer and join me and the family by the fire. This was in 1982 and wood was expensive but the Army supplied me many scrap pieces for camping.

Sure would love to travel Europe in a [email protected] Had a great campsite at Blaue adria lake in Germany and sure miss the friends we met.

2018 320S Outback pulled by 2012 Jeep Wrangler.


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