fuse problem

Hello, I'v had my 2014 [email protected] for a few days and was hoping to take it out this weekend, but I think I blew a fuse.  At the converter box, F3 has a red light next to it. 

I had put a tire inflator into the 12V receptacle in my [email protected] to see if it would work, for future reference.  Um, apparently not.  I lost all lights and radio.  I plugged into power to see if perhaps the battery had died, but after an hour that made no difference, and then I noticed the red light.

So is this likely a blown fuse and it appears as I look through the files that it's an 10 Amp ATC Blade Fuse.  Can I replace with https://www.amazon.com/Bussmann-VP-ATC-10-Acting-Blade/dp/B000AZ3APC or do I need a higher grade and where would I get that? 

Anything else to consider (besides not plugging high-power items into my 12V outlet?)?



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